Marr Piano Studio

“Musicians Warehouse” 2230 Quimby Road San Jose, CA
P: 408-371-2768 | marilyn@marrpianostudio.com | www.marrpianostudio.com

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A unique style for everyone

There are different methods of piano instruction. Each individual instructor has their unique way of teaching and every learner is unique and needs a different method of instruction. The instructor and the student need to find a rhythm where the student learns to understand and interpret what the instructor is saying and the instructor needs to modify the method of instruction to suit the learners pace. Marr Piano Studio in San Jose has four instructors, each with a unique style of teaching and many years of experience.

The students at this piano studio in the Bay Area are encouraged to take part in piano recitals as part of their musical education. The piano studio also organizes recitals to give their students the experience of performing in public. The studio customizes music teaching with private piano lessons to group instruction in piano/keyboard programs. Students are expected to put in adequate practice sessions on their own.

Visit www.marrpianostudio.com and www.bayareapianolessons.com for detailed information on the class schedules. You can also contact Marilyn Marr at 408.371.2768 or email her at marilyn@marrpianostudio.com.