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Origin of music Part 1

Pope Gregory was the first person to think of writing music down though singing but different kinds of chanting had been going on for centuries before that. Songs were the favorite form of storytelling and that was how stories and culture was passed down from one generation to the next. When people started writing music down, sheet music came into being. Pope Gregory gave each note a corresponding letter though he discovered only four notes A through D.

These 4 are still used today but over the years E, F, G and the half-notes between each have been added. He did this to benefit the church in recording hymns and chants and monks started writing their hymns down. These melodies were called Gregorian chants. Later a monk named Guido of Arezzo discovered the notes do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti. From these humble beginnings is where music emerged and almost every planet is dazzled and consumed by the power of music.

Learn music

If you want to learn how to read music and play it, a piano is the best way to start. The Marr Piano Studio in San Jose is owned and run by a very skilled piano instructor Marilyn Marr along with her talented fellow pianists. She has had an illustrious musical education, is an active member of the Music Teacher's Association of California by which she is certified in piano, organ and voice. She is also a member of the ‘National Guild of Piano Teachers’ and ‘The American Guild of Organists’. Visit http://www.marrpianostudio.com and to know more about this piano studio in San Jose. Call 408.371.2768 to make an appointment to visit them.