Marr Piano Studio

“Musicians Warehouse” 2230 Quimby Road San Jose, CA
P: 408-371-2768 | marilyn@marrpianostudio.com | www.marrpianostudio.com

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It is never too late to learn something new. Learning new things keeps us feeling challenged and invigorated. One of the popular things that people decide to do as adults is learning an instrument. The piano is often the instrument of choice as there is just something beautiful about it. But what does one need to consider when deciding to learn the piano? You should figure out what kind of style you are interested in. You have classical piano and jazz piano and new age styles. Once you have decided on what kind of style you would like to take up, you can scout around for a piano studio where you can enroll to learn the type you want.

The Marr Piano Studio is a piano studio in San Jose where professional piano lessons are given to residents of the California Bay Area at all levels, from piano lessons for children to adult piano instruction. The course of instruction includes musical theory, musical history, musical styles, ear training, sight reading ensemble work and more. This piano studio starts from the basics to advanced piano studies. The Marr Piano Studio also trains students for the ‘MTAC Certificate of Merit’ program, Paths ‘A’ and ‘B’. Ms. Marr, the owner and instructor herself teaches improvisation, advanced theory and ensembles along with upper end classical music and performance techniques.

Visit www.marrpianostudio.com for detailed information on their class schedules. You can also contact Marilyn Marr at 408.371.2768.